Rakvere Targa Maja Kompetentsikeskus

Smart House/Intelligent Building Competence Center

Rakvere Smart House/Intelligent Building Competence Centre submits the funding application to Enterprise Estonia Sep 16


Smart House/Intelligent Building Competence Center applies for funding from Enterprise Estonia the set up the regional technology development center in Rakvere. The aim of the funding application is get additional support for the establishment of innovative testing facility that could help companies, research institutions and regional authorities in collaboration to develop smart technologies for the future.

The objective of the competence center is to develop new skills and knowledge as well as techniques for better management of buildings. This includes technologies that do not need human interference to manage and use the home or office equipment, automated building technology systems or buildings as whole in order to enhance the energy efficiency, comfort and safety of buildings.

In cooperation with the city of Rakvere the aim is to establish a testing facility that can be operated as a living lab where in real life conditions automation and control methods for compatible and non-compatible technological systems could be tested and further developed.

Project as such includes the best national expertise with cooperation partners from Switzerland, Japan, United Kingdom and Finland.

The CEO of the center Mr Kalle Karron admits that one of the most important priorities for the center is to initiate the training program to share and bring in to Rakvere the best know-how of intelligent and smart buildings. The center also aims to initiate the inventory in Estonia to identify the main gaps in developing and using the intelligent building technologies, in order avoid any further harm to human health as well as useless waste of energy as a result of inappropriate use of existing technologies.

In the long term the competence center is determined to build up the unique testing facility to Rakvere. The aim of the testing facility would be to test and develop control systems for various intelligent building technologies. The testing facility will be open for research projects and for the development of new products and services. It is expected that the work of the competence center will be largely based on competences from regional vocational schools and colleges.

The Rakvere Smart House/Intelligent Building Competence Center represents the interest of 40 cooperation partners, including: Rakvere Ametikool, Narva Kutseõppekeskus, Lääne-Viru Rakenduskõrgkool, ITvilla OÜ, Soletek OÜ, Yoga OÜ, Vorguvara AS, Elion Ettevõtted AS, VTT Expert Services Ltd, Posintra Oy, eSMART Technologies Inc, Lääne-Viru Arenduskeskus, Rakvere Linnavalitsus, Säästva Renoveerimise Infokeskus MTÜ, Tallinna Ülikool, Usesoft AS, Eesti Betooniühing MTÜ, Reminet OÜ, Tallinna Tehnikaülikool, Lääne-Viru Omavalitsuste Liit, Eesti Maaülikool, Slider Studio LTD, Sticky World LTD, Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool, JELD-WEN Eesti AS, Eesti BIM Kompetentsikeskus MTÜ, Ühinenud Arhitektid OÜ, Eesti Innovatsiooni Instituut OÜ, SA Virumaa Kompetentsikeskus, Tallinna Ülikooli Rakvere Kolledž, Silmani Elekter AS, BIMaiand OÜ, Cleantech Estonia MTÜ, Ruuki Products AS, GEROCO SA, Alver Arhitektid OÜ, CDS NU-STEEL HOMES International Co, Ltd, Eliko tehnoloogia arenduskeskus OÜ, EA Reng AS, Lääne-Viru Maavalitsus.

Contact details:

Mr Kalle Karron

Director of the Rakvere College

CEO of the Rakvere Smart House/Intelligent Building Competence Center

Phone: +372 5054382

E-mail: karron@tlu.ee


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Ms. Kairi Maasik sent me this idea to be handed over to township of Lapua Finland. Now, I'd like to ask you, what is your expectation os expected impact on this subject from our country. I am more than happy to look for appropriate co-partners for this project here in Lapua to begin with, and when needed, to find more comprehensive number of participants in the whole of Finland.
Kari Nirha  |  January 09, 2013
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