Rakvere Targa Maja Kompetentsikeskus

Smart House/Intelligent Building Competence Center

Smart House gets attention during the 5th European Summit of Regions and Cities aimed at targeting urban development issues. Smart House is one of the 30 projects exhibited on the exhibition “Beautiful, Green, Smart and Inclusive – Colorful Cities“ that will showcase the best practises of European urban development.

The exhibition is focusing on 4 themes:

“Beautiful City“ concentrates on projects linked to architecture and town planning, „Green City“ on energy efficiency, transport solutions and sustainable urban development. Thematic stand „Smart City“ shows innovation projects and smart specialisation strategies while „Inclusive City“ promotes innovation, employment and creative solutions to social services.

Rakvere Smart House and Intelligent Building Competence Centre is one of the six best practises shown in the thematic stand „Smart City“.

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Smart House/Intelligent Building Competence Center applies for funding from Enterprise Estonia the set up the regional technology development center in Rakvere. The aim of the funding application is get additional support for the establishment of innovative testing facility that could help companies, research institutions and regional authorities in collaboration to develop smart technologies for the future.

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Partner briefing Aug 12

Rakvere Smart House/Intelligent Building Competence Centre invites existing and new potential parters to an afternoon briefing to discuss the centre's strategy, new application for financing and ways to improve and elaborate cooperation.
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On Tuesday, 8th of March 2011, the Rakvere Competence Centre will discuss the characteristics and properties of smart house. The initiative of the Rakvere City is to build up a unique testing environment for the development of smart and intelligent building solutions in Rakvere. The aim of the discussion is to determine what will be main properties of automated building systems planned for the testing purposes. Read more, Comments: 0